Black Women Orators: Up to 1900

Frances Ellen Watkins Harper

Below is a list of bio sketches of Black women who were known for their oratorical and elocutionary skills up to 1900. These sketches are from books published during the same time that consisted of scholarly treatment of African American rhetoric and public address.

Source: Noted Negro Women: Their Triumphs and Activities. Chicago: Donohue & Henneberry, 1893

Frances Preston

Hallie Quinn Brown

Henrietta Vinton Davis

Lillian Parker Thomas

Louisa de Mortie

Valetta Winston

Source: Women of Distinction: Remarkable in Works and Invincible in Character. Raleigh: L.A. Scruggs Publishing, 1893

Anna Holland Jones

Mary E. Britton

Mary Harper

Source: Afro-American Encyclopedia: Thoughts, Doings, and Sayings of the Race. Nashville: Haley and Florida, 1895